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Feeling fruity?

November 7, 2011 by Ange  

Red cabbage cooked with red onion and plum - yum!

Red cabbage cooked with red onion and plum - yum!

I’ve started adding fruit to cooked vegetable dishes and I have to say they taste rather lovely! During the summer I was adding lots of fruit into my salads, be they goji berries, strawberries or pears.  As the nights draw in, I’m carrying that over into my cooked vegetable dishes. So next time you’re stir-frying some vegetables or making a vegetable based casserole try adding in a little chopped apple, pear, whole lemon or plum. They add a real zest to the dish and of course with the added colour, that equals more phytonutrients with all their wonderful restorative functions in the body.

The photo is of a red cabbage dish with added plum, but try it with whatever fruits you have to hand. Enjoy!

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