Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Digestive Health

Long term problems resolved through clear advice

” Having struggled with some annoying digestion problems for a long while I found Angela on Google and we met up for a trial consultation. I really liked her – she absolutely knows what she is talking about, and there was no airy-fairiness about her advice which was clear, succinct and actionable. She also had access to a range of detailed scientific tests, which allowed us to hone into the issues very quickly. As a result I’ve sorted out the digestion problems (which years of NHS consultations never did), feel much healthier and as a bonus lost 4kg. I should have gone years ago! “

Ditlev, 41, Management Consultant, Swiss Cottage.

This case really highlights the advantage of Functional Laboratory testing. Initially Ditlex wanted to undertake some allergy testing. However, it was clear that there was far more dysfunction in the gastro-intestinal tract, so I recommended a more comprehensive functional laboratory test, this meant I could be very precise on the dietary changes and nutritional supplements required.