Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Fitness & Vitality

“I haven’t felt this energised since my early teens”

In 2009 after 15 years of following a moderate fitness regime I took up running after giving birth to my second child.  I really enjoyed the challenge and managed to run a 5k run without too much trouble.  After a few months, however, I found that the combination of trying to juggle work, small children and a fitness regime was taking its toll.  Rather than feeling fitter I found managing day to day life and keeping fit was making me feel tired and burnt out culminating in a viral infection that meant I couldn’t exercise for over 2 months.  I sought help with Angela at Fabulous Nutrition and can honestly say I haven’t felt this energised since my early teens.  She suggested I completed a comprehensive metabolic profile which showed a number of metabolic deficiencies that were effecting my energy levels.

I embarked on a programme of simple diet changes and vitamin and mineral supplements including – antioxidants, Co Q10, high strength B vitamins, pro-biotics and carnitine.  I was surprised how quickly i regained my fitness levels, how mentally energised i felt and now plan to run a half marathon in the next few months.

Rebecca, 32, PR Consultant, Richmond.

Rebecca was an interesting case in that although she had a reasonably healthy diet and did lots of the right things, she was lacking in energy and had a very weakened immune system. Running a comprehensive metabolic profile (I used Designs for Health profile) enabled me to identify some underlying deficiencies in her cellular energy pathways (as well as some other factors), I could then design a really tailored programme that addressed these issues and importantly helped Rebecca to achieve the improvements in performance relatively quickly.