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Sustainable Seafood Restaurant Guide

March 29, 2010 by Ange  

Fish iconThis is a great new website from the people who made “The End of the Line”, the documentary about the effects of overfishing. You can search restaurants by region and by name and find a rating on their fish sustainability policy from the people who know. There is also a section to add your own review on restaurants.

Fish are a fabulously healthy addition to any diet, but we have to take the sourcing seriously, for our own health (do you want to eat fish that eat rubbish?) and to preserve stocks for the future. So when you are eating out, use this website to check out the restaurants credentials:

Fish 2 Fork – the restaurant guide for people who love to eat fish sustainably

If you’re staying in to cook yourself, then check these previous articles for good fish dishes, using sustainable healthy fish:

Good Fish Dish

Baked Sea Bass

And for more information on levels of mercury in tuna

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