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The Times love nutrition at Jiva Healing

January 14, 2011 by Ange  

Sun flowerJiva Healing was once again named one of the top places to detox by The Times. Jiva featured in their review of 21 spa and retreat holidays earlier this month “The sessions on nutrition are exceptionally good”.

Angela Walker will be offering nutrition sessions at Jiva Healing retreats to Turkey in June 2011 and at the ’sassy’ Littleton Mill from 26th to 30th Jan 2010.

If you want to learn more about toxin avoidance and detoxification contact nutrition and detoxification expert Angela Walker through the book appointment tab above.

Fabulous Nutrition is a London based Nutritional Therapy Clinic, addressing functional imbalance in the body with bespoke nutrition programmes. Whether you have a diagnosed condition, want to improve digestion problems, lose weight, slow the effects of aging or kick-start a new health regime, Angela Walker at Fabulous Nutrition can help. www.fabulousnutrition.co.uk.

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